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XC Skies Soaring Forecasts

Project Highlights

• Interactive soaring forecast maps and tools for virtually every flyable location on planet Earth.

• Our goal is to provide timely and highly useful soaring forecasts to allow pilots to make better decisions on when and where to fly.

• XC Skies is enabling pilots to break their personal bests and smash records by providing detailed soaring parameters that allow area, point, and route cross-section analysis.

• Pilots can visualize forecasts with our interactive maps and XC exploring tools to investigate the potential trends over the next upcoming days.

About XC Skies


Our mission is to provide timely and useful global soaring forecasts which are always available to pilots via the web through a variety of interactive tools.

How it Works

XC Skies creates visual layers of basic soaring parameters, wrapped up in an interactive application that can be used with any popular browser over the Internet. You can use XC Skies from anywhere in the world! By running our code and algorithms against the forecast model output from NCEP and other sources, we can parameterize essential soaring elements that are critical to understanding what the potential soaring conditions will be for virtually any location on the planet.


• Leverages a Web Browser Map framework to provide very useful geo-references.

• Users can save as many profiles as they like to quickly assess predefined regions. A default profile can be selected, allowing the application to automatically load with the parameters and location saved.

• Investigate any point by clicking anywhere on the map. Review soundings via an interactive Skew-T application for both model output and the most recent balloon sondes released across the planet.

• Analyze 3+ day point forecasts by clicking any location on the map. These time-height plots show a tremendous amount of information in a simple to read graphic format.

• Review soaring forecasts along routes and trend the day along a track.