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My XC Skies

The concept of My XC Skies has undergone significant changes. Particularly, all features have been rolled into the map application. This includes Routes, PointCasts, and more. Click on the icon within the map application and you'll be able use and organize all of your profiles in a single place.

XC Skies forecasts are here

Account settings are here

The QuickCast features are currently being reworked for Version 3. The performace and speed of the map application is exceptional, and all of your saved profiles can be found there.

Please stay tuned for more information. We'll add notes to this page as the new development becomes available.

You can always use XC Skies Version 2 at the follwing location: http://v2.xcskies.com. Please note that the two versions are no longer synced so creating profiles and changing settings and passwords in one version will not translate across to the other version at this moment.